This course covers traditional horary astrology and is suitable for beginners and accomplished astrologers alike. Participants can learn to use the cosmos to make important decisions for themselves or others while, at the same time, learn about themselves and their place in life. Commitment and prior purchase of the book, Christian Astrology by William Lilly, is essential.

Traditional astrology is the ancient study of the cosmos and incorporated astronomy until the two separated in the 17th century. Traditional astrology was practised by the ancient and wise thousands of years ago and is still practised today. Kepler, Ptolemy, Manilius, Lilly and many others as diverse as Plato, Culpepper and Freud used astrology.

Horary is a branch of astrology which deals with questions asked to the astrologer in simple terms. It was used and improved by William Lilly in the 1600’s both for birth charts and for questions of the time. It gave rise to his famous book, Christian Astrology, which contains all there is to know about the traditional method. It is written in contemporary English so names for countries and body parts, for example, require the reader to convert to modern terminology, a task which can be amusing.

Once participants have learned the technique they will realise they have uncovered the magical secrets of the universe only a few can unravel. When a person asks a question it is useful, but not essential for their chart, to have their birth time, date and place. However, for horary, the essential requirement is the exact time when a person asks the question. With that knowledge the required answer can be found.

Participants are encouraged to dust off their brains and get them working on something worthwhile as it is a challenge but very rewarding.

Paula Garton has studied astrology since 1979 and is still continuing her studies and, as she says, no-one ever knows enough. She has studied horary astrology for 20 years and still learning as it is a large and fascinating subject. Paula has worked as a professional astrologer since 1993, focusing on business clients as well as the general public and she taught astrology in the UK for 14 years to adults at night school and now for more than five years at U3A International. Her experiences are many and include enduring demonstrations against a talk she gave to a Catholic group as well as being banned by the local vicar from giving readings at a school fete. She has met princesses in London and is featured in a book written by one of her clients. For five years Paula had an hour-long programme giving readings on Radio Humberside and has also given readings at various health fairs around the UK. She gave readings for two phone line companies for five years which was stressful but taught her a lot.  She has met many powerful, interesting people in her work and, as she affirms, would not change it for any other work.

To Contact the Organiser: Paula Garton

Start Date: January 13, 2020

Day: Monday

At: 3:00pm Until: 4:30pm

Max Attendees: 6

Frequency: Fortnightly

Location: The Activity leader's home in Alhaurin El Grande

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