Spain’s rich culture and historical past provide a wealth of information from which it is possible to learn and, more importantly, understand this country where members of U3A International have chosen to live or visit. 

This activity encompasses Spain’s past, present and future and is not just restricted to Spanish history but can include any subject that has relevance for life in Spain now and in the future.

There are no ‘experts’ within the group but there is a real interest in learning and sharing any knowledge discovered through personal research.  In that respect those participating very much regard themselves as being part of ‘self-help’ group where members volunteer to research and speak on any topic that they feel would be of interest to the others. 

The rich history of Spain means that from the Romans to the Civil War there is a surfeit of topics to present and discuss under Yesterday. Recent events in Madrid, the Basque country and Catalunya, among others, have provided plenty to talk about under the Today banner and topics for Tomorrow are there waiting to be discovered and discussed.

The group depends on members’ full participation in respect of researching and presenting topics of their choice.  Presentations should take no longer than one hour but can be split over more than one session if necessary.  Further participation is invited but membership of the group will not exceed 20 people.

To Contact the Organiser: Christine Kemzura and Lesley Thompson

Phone: 616872235 and 634319827

Start Date: October 10, 2019

Day: Thursday

At: 11:00am Until: 12:30pm

Max Attendees: 30

Frequency: Fortnightly

Location: Alhaurin Golf Resort Hotel

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