There has been a U3A International Spanish History Group for several years but in 2017 the format changed to reflect its new title “Spain: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.  The goal of this activity is to increase the knowledge of the country in which members have chosen to live.

The focus until now has been on historical Spain and the format required participants to select a topic that interested them, research it and present their findings to the group individually.  Consequently we now have a substantial library of Spanish history available to all members.  Topics range from Roman Spain through the Inquisition and the many wars involving Spain to the Second Republic and the Civil War.

The new season will bring a change from the single presentation structure of old.   Each session will commence with the popular News Update, which covers the most important and interesting current news items.  Then the group will move on to a discussion of a particular topic which every member will have researched in advance in either small or great detail according to their interest.  In this way everyone has a chance to participate rather than just listen to a presentation.   Members are expected to suggest any interesting subjects that will promote a discussion covering any topic at all relative to Spain, eg: the autonomous communities; the devolution of power from central State; Politics; the Economy; Social issues – crime/policing/ drugs/immigration/terrorism etc; Spain’s response to the pandemic; the future of Spain and Gibraltar and many more.  On a lighter note, there are so many beautiful and interesting locations in Spain.  It could be a museum or a piece of architecture or a location – but it can be anything worthy of relating to the group. 

The first meeting of the new season will be on 27th January 2022 in the Conference Room of the Alhaurin Golf Club in Alhaurin El Grande.  Meetings will be held on a monthly basis beginning at 12 noon and ending at 1.30pm.

To Contact the Organiser: Christine Kemzura and Lesley Thompson

Phone: 616872235 and 634319827

Start Date: January 27, 2022

Day: Thursday

At: 12:00pm Until: 1:30pm

Max Attendees: 30

Frequency: Monthly

Location: Alhaurin Golf Club

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