Wednesday February 23, 2022 10:45am


Andrew Sloan is kindly providing a third opportunity to help satisfy the demand for this event. There will be a maximum of 12 people in order that some physical distance can be maintained at all times. As it is an outdoor activity, however, face-masks will not be necessary. 

Participants will meet at the Mirador hotel in Alhaurin at 10.45 for a coffee. The group will then depart at 11.00 at the latest, for another tour of the nearby magnificent succulent garden and olive grove belonging to Andrew. Some trees 700 years old.

Andrew is an excellent guide for several of U3A International hill walks and is well-known to members. Some, in fact, enjoy a day or two out assisting him at olive-picking time.  The idea of the succulent garden was inspired as a result of a trip to Israel with the Mediterranean Garden Society and it has since been transformed, featuring over 100 named species of Aloe.

The morning will comprise the following:

How to propagate succulent plants from seeds, shoots or cuttings

How to care for and maintain the plants

Where to source these plants locally or from the internet

Recommended books and internet based resources

Explanation of the basics of gardening with the moon using a lunar calendar

The estimated duration is one and a half hours


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