The Tuesday Talk
Tuesday March 17, 2020 4:00pm
Presenter:Joan Burton-Jones
Sala Marbella in the Hapimag Resort, Camilo Jose Cela, Marbella


Early man communicated his thoughts and feelings through hand-painted cave drawings and rock art. The monks of medieval times told their stories through laboriously handwritten and hand illustrated books, each a unique piece of art and craft. The advent of the printing press shifted production from man to machine. Today’s books are mass-produced commodities – handwriting and hand illustration replaced by digital printing and photography. In the process they have arguably lost some of their former character.

In this talk, author and book artist Joan Burton-Jones describes how the art and craft of book design and production is reemerging through the medium of Artists Books. These unique, personally designed and hand produced works, combine traditional and modern methods including narrative, poetry, printmaking, graphic design and bookbinding

Artists Books now grace the shelves of museums and libraries around the world and are the subject of an increasing number of programs in art schools dedicated to the art of the book. Drawing on her own and others’ works Joan provides illustrations of the wide variety of Artists Books that are being created today. She describes how Artists Books are designed and produced, the tools and techniques involved and how anyone with an interest in the art of bookmaking and reasonable craft skills can create an Artists Book of their own.    


About the speaker


Joan Burton-Jones is an Australian writer and published author who has also self-published books in both hard-copy and digital format. Her books cover subjects as diverse as social history, business franchising and the ecology.  Her recent book Tall, Green and Well-Connected focuses on interdependencies between trees and other species and shows how an ‘ecosystem perspective’ can help us to better understand and value the natural world. She also enjoys researching and creating Artists Books, several of which have been exhibited in Australia.  For more information visit her web site at


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