The Tuesday Talk
Tuesday April 14, 2020 4:00pm
Presenter:Colin Gearon & Peter Lloyd
Sala Marbella in the Hapimag Resort, Camilo Jose Cela, Marbella

Desktop Publication in Action and Performance: This session of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing activity for U3A International includes two talks of approximately forty minutes duration – with a subtle link between them. 


The first of these introduces and highlights some of the more technical aspects of Desktop Fabrication – including a short introduction to 3-D printing, computerised numerical control (CNC) and laser cutting with associated hardware and software tool chains,  During the talk, references will be made to applications in woodworking, metalworking and acrylics.


The second talk focuses upon the history, theory and practice of fabricating and playing Cigar-Box Guitars.  Integral to the talk will be an accompanying performance.


Even though the link may seem somewhat tenuous between the two talks, there could well be technological applications from the discussion of Desktop Fabrication technology to inform, support and enable the fabrication of Cigar-Box Guitars (or such similar items).


Colin Gearon:  Colin is a graduate in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computers.  He trained as an Electrical Engineer on power systems related to industrial process control.  With the advent of industrial automation, he moved into electronic and computer control engineering, later moving to a computer company in North America.  There, his role changed to that of a design engineer on weapons systems for anti-submarine warfare.  From there on, his subsequent career developed into sales, marketing and senior management.


Colin retired to live in Spain fifteen years ago.  He continues to actively pursue his hobbies related to technology, astronomy and desktop fabrication.


Pete Lloyd: Starting out with a background in electronics, the main UK employment areas for Pete were focused upon the manufacture of precision metrology equipment.  Since retiring to Spain, he has reawakened his interest in astronomy with a local group.  He has also started making and playing Cigar Box Guitars.




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