The Thursday Lecture
Thursday February 6, 2020 4:00pm
Presenter:Sonja Belgard
Sala Marbella in the Hapimag Resort, Camilo Jose Cela, Marbella

Exercise Keys to Health and Well-Being: Exercise is important for all age groups.  However, as one grows older, exercise fulfils a different and highly important purpose in that it helps to prevent injury and a myriad of cardiovascular illnesses.


Following a basic introduction, this lecture focuses upon three key areas and ways to positively address them:


Cardiovascular Exercise: This is arguably the most important exercise area as it is the principal key to health and well-being, particularly as one advances in years.  The benefits from cardiovascular exercise (CE) are significant and numerous:


  • strengthening the heart
  • decreasing high blood pressure
  • increasing ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL)
  • increasing fat metabolism
  • decreasing diabetic tendencies
  • decreasing weight (impacting positively upon blood pressure, sugar levels and joint problems)
  • increases synovia and capilarisation, et cetera


Strength Training: As the body ages, muscle tissue is lost – starting at twenty-five years of age!  Muscles protect and stabilise joints and so decreases injuries and the onset of arthrosis.  Furthermore, they provide reactive strength and promote confidence/provide appropriate reactions to deal with different situations (e.g. handling stairs).  Strength training helps people to stay active throughout their lives.


Proprioceptive Training, Stabilisation and Balance: All of these are important for a fully-functioning body that is able to react appropriately to all situations and challenges of life (e.g. uneven pavements; falls from a bicycle; hiking in the mountains, et cetera).  All of these situations require the body to react appropriately in order to avoid injuries.  This section of the lecture will discuss the latest medical and training-specific rehabilitative methods (e.g. hyaleronic acids; stamm cell treatments; rehabilitative training of proprioceptive and strength training; diabetic type-2 problems, et cetera).


Sonja Belgard: Sonja is a state-registered physiotherapist in Germany, UK and Spain as well as possessing a Master’s level qualification in rehabilitation. In her eighteen years of experience, she has worked in London, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Spain.  Her notable clients have included the Saudi Royal Family and the Dubai Royal Family as well as many high-level legal/financial/business clients.  Passionate about the importance of exercise on age, she supports a new facility, Rehamed Sport, at the Plaza del Mar Gym which offers physiotherapy, rehabilitation massage and osteopathy services.


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