Lecture in Alhaurin el Grande
Tuesday October 8, 2019 11:30am
Presenter:Andrew Roberts
CASC Building, Carretera Coin 23, Alhaurin El Grande

It’s All about Angles and Lines.  From the earliest days, Man has been curious about his surroundings and has sought to navigate, both to explore and, particularly, to return home without getting too lost. From the simple compass, the development of the worldwide grid of Latitude and Longitude (using Celestial and Lunar Distance methods) through to modern day “Sat-Nav” systems, this lecture tells how angles and lines have become a key proponent of navigation over the centuries.


The presenter  explains how the equator became the principal line of Latitude and shows some of the few places that lie on it. He takes an informed look at the multitude of Prime Meridians and how it took almost two further millennia before Greenwich was accepted as the Prime Meridian of 0° Longitude thereby enabling universal navigation by the sun. 


There is also the background as to how an eminent 18th Century inventor was cheated out of a major financial prize – much to the displeasure of the King!


Andrew Roberts is retired Chartered Engineer and Graduate from the Department of Civil Engineering at Southampton University. He has been involved in a wide range of construction projects during a 45 year career, ranging from dock wharfs and canal bridges through major military installations to hospitals and care facilities.


During his time at Southampton University and while studying the Harbour and Coastal Engineering option,  he became interested in how water, be it in rivers or oceans, determines so many aspects of our lives.


In mid-life, he returned to the classroom and studied for an MBA. Now retired, he divides his time between homes in Alhaurin de la Torre and Hertfordshire and lecturing on cruise ships.

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