The Tuesday Talk
Tuesday October 15, 2019 4:00pm
Presenter:Michael Barry
Sala Marbella in the Hapimag Resort, Camilo Jose Cela, Marbella

This illustrated talk will chart how Al-Andalus came about and the emergence of that final remnant of Moorish Spain, the Kingdom of Granada, which covered roughly two thirds of present-day Andalucí). During the 250 year era of that kingdom, the sublime  example of the glory of Al-Andalus, the Alhambra was constructed.

The presenter is both a Member of U3A International and an established Author: ‘Homage to al-Andalus, the Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain’ and ‘The Alhambra Revealed, the Remarkable Story of the Kingdom of Granada’ are available in bookshops along the Costa del Sol and also at Amazon Books .

Read an article on the author extracted from the Surinenglish June 2017 HERE


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