Author Presentation
Tuesday April 23, 2019 4:00pm
Presenter:Paddy O'Farrell
Sala Marbella in the Hapimag Resort, Camilo Jose Cela, Marbella

Brought up on a diet of “Carry On” films and Terry Pratchet books, the author wanted to write about  a world of sunshine and happiness, a Shangri La  in a quintessential English village with a pub, a duck pond, a village green and a thatched cottage in  a rose garden.

Where the village idiot ends up working for British Intelligence.

Where the school head mistress falls in love with the retired head of KGB Interrogation from the notorious Lubianka.

Where the church warden/ choir mistress ends up dancing on a table waving her knickers in the air in a brothel in Tenerife.

Where a Korean war hero ends up wanted for murdering a KGB spy in the Ukraine.

A village run by a committee that rules the world but achieves absolutely nothing with an ubiquitous old lady in a shawl as a secretary who guides the villagers through the vagaries of life.

Sick and tired of political correctness Paddy’s first book “Primrose Cottage” pulls no punches and after attending a U3A “Creative Writing” course he realises the errors of his ways but “carries on” regardless with another two books.

Personal information:

Born in Canada in 1942 with a father born in Hong Kong and a Grandfather born in the Channel Islands, Paddy O’Farrell attended 11 schools before signing up for 15 years in the RAF as an  Electronic Fitter in Ground Communications.

He was demobbed and subsequently enjoyed a wide range of sales and marketing careers in finance, life assurance, pensions, electronic components, semi conductors, satellite TV, toys, reusable nappies, good food guides, gaming furniture design and internet consultancy to name but a few.

He took a degree at Coventry University at the age of fifty and added the professional qualifications: a fellow of the Institute of Business and Technical Management; a fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing; a qualified Sales Engineer; a member of the Society of Electronic and Radio Technicians and a Technician Engineer of the Chartered Institute of Electronic Engineers.

He has travelled in over 40 countries and in his  books he draws from experiences in life, from some of the characters he met and from a vivid imagination.

He settled in South Leicestershire for 30 years with his Scottish wife and  two sons and has enjoyed hobbies such as Duplicate Bridge, (a two star master), making golf clubs, swimming, walking, oil painting and calligraphy.

He and his  wife now live in their retirement home in Spain.

Links to Paddy’s books:

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