Author Presentation
Wednesday March 13, 2019 11:30am
Presenter:Carmella Dight
Hotel La Palmera, Calle La Palmera, Alhaurin el Grande


In order to whet curiosity the talk is entitled: “When Hitler visited my Home” – “What? Hitler visited her home? When, where? Some members would be questioning and doubting.

Thus, in order to allay further suspense, the true title of the memoirs is “Bombshells and Butterflies” written under the real name of Karola Feld. Who is Karola? Why not Carmella Dight as known to U3A members? Further confusion would arise, which later in the book would be brought to light.

Karola was born to a Jewish family in Belgrade, ex-Yugoslavia, at the beginning of WW2. Life for Karola became terrifying and heart-breaking during Nazi occupation. Many family members, including her father, were executed by Hitler’s soldiers. That was the time when Hitler invaded Belgrade and vowed to flatten it. The house where the family lived was among the first to be bombed. Her mother, grandmother and Karola, aged two, just managed to flee, and survived by using assumed names. How could assumed names help a mother and a daughter survive, some may ask?  

Karola’s life since, has been rich and eventful. She studied journalism, lived in various countries, speaks six languages, and experienced happiness, love and immense tragedies.  She is also proud that she was instrumental in the founding of the U3A in both Fuengirola and here in Marbella.

The session will include:

–  Introduction to the book and the motives for writing it.

– Explanation of historical and political facts and attitudes, as some people wouldn’t have been familiar with ex-Yugoslavia and Israel except from the negative news one hears, or reads in the papers.

–  The difficulties living through these and subsequent years and the emotions felt when recalling the past.

 – The reasons for self-publishing.

 – Questions and further discussion.

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