Hill Walk September 26, 2022 10:30am Camino de Sabinillas a Casares, Manilva
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Neil Wilson


This is a circular walk up through the spectacular karstic canyon, El Canuto de la Utrera, across upland heath and farmland, before returning along the beautiful Ruta de los Molinos which runs alongside the Rio de Manilva.


The walk involves some scrambling over large rocks, short stretches with a steep drop off and the cris-crossing of a riverbed (at times with water) using stepping stones. It is also at times uneven underfoot on downhill stretches so walking poles are recommended.


The route initially crosses a watercourse and then heads up through the canyon following the remains of a Roman pathway. After a brief stretch along a road and across heathland the route drops into the next valley alongside a beautiful riverbed.


At the end of the route participants are encouraged to make a slight detour to bathe in the Baños de la Hedionda.  This tiny spa, fed by a natually sulphurous hot spring, was reputedly visited by Julius Caesar and remains popular today.


Directions to the Meeting Place


From Marbella follow the A7 in the direction of Gibraltar; go past the Estepona exits, keep left and join the AP7 Toll Road. Take exit 142 just before the main Toll Station. This exit road swings to the right where there is a toll payable (Toll €1.00). At the roundabout ahead, take the 2nd exit onto the road marked ´Poligono Industrial´. Head downhill, turning sharp left just after the road goes under the motorway viaduct. Follow the track past the restaurant which is on the right, keeping the river to the right. The track becomes increasingly bumpy and uneven and after about 500 metres is the area to park.


9 km Medium to Heavy

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