Country Walk March 6, 2023 10:30am Roundabout 2 KM along A7103 above Ojén
Rolf Haggards


The walk starts from Ojén new cemetery and continues along a valley above a stream accompanied by the sound of rushing water. It passes orange groves before crossing the stream over an ancient goat-herding bridge (watch out for the Troll when walking over the bridge). The track then proceeds uphill through heath land until there are views over to the sea. The second half of the walk is mainly downhill with views over a wooded valley and the mountains and areas around Ojén.


Directions to Meeting Place


From Marbella

Take the A355. Between Km 31 and Km 30 take the junction towards Ojén A7103. After 1.9 Km there is a sign, Ojén/El Castana, and immediately after that roundabout. There is a large lay-by on the roundabout with a basura (bins). This is the meeting place.

8 km Medium 230 m
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