Hill Walks


Challenging Hill and mountain walks varying in distance from 8 to 14 kms

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Reservation is required before attending every Walk

Only valid members of U3A International may participate  
Guests are not permitted

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THE BLUE QUARRY -- Reservations Now Accepted Hill Walk

The walk “las canteras azules”starts by taking an upwards path through a pine forest. After a pause at the top of the incline, the trail follows a single file, open, path high around the edge of a deep valley with steep scree slopes on the left (vertigo sufferers beware). There are fine views back to sea near Fuengirola.

7 Km
Medium to Heavy


The walk begins in the town of Pizarra and follows the track of the Romeria up to the monument on the top of the hill overlooking the town.It then climbs until a monument is reached. There are spectacular views from here.

11 Km

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