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If you know someone (not necessarily a member) who has an interest or pastime and who may consider sharing it with others you are in the right place.  Alternatively that someone might be you.  Come and talk to us.  No matter what the type of activity there are sure to be members who would be very keen to share your interest. Your commitment might be once a week, once a fortnight, once a month or even less during October to the end of May. You can teach, advise or organise a co-operative. You would determine the number of participants in your activity whether it be 3 or 100. There are endless possibilities bounded only by the level of your enthusiasm.  This is an opportunity to have fun with others and potentially gain fulfillment.   Speak to us – we will help you all the way.     Contact the President


We constantly require new people to add to our list of those who are prepared to give a one -off presentation, talk or lecture to as many as 60 members .  Maybe it is you or perhaps you know someone (not necessarily a member) who is or was a professional , has in depth experience, has a long term passion or just loves to absorb facts. The subjects we cover are many and varied, in fact limitless, and our members are thirsting for knowledge. You may already be practised in presentations but this is not a pre-requisite. Many of our presenters do so for the first time but soon become quite at ease when meeting their supportive and more than friendly audience. We have the facilities for Power Point and video and can assist with technical details if required.  The presentation will be arranged on a date to suit.  If you can help, by making a presentation yourself or by encouraging someone else or indeed even by pointing us in the right direction please   Contact Lectures


Similarly we require people who are able to give a short or long series of presentations, talks or lectures to an audience of up to 60. The number of presentations can be two or twenty two.  We can make the arrangement.  In this instance it will be necessary to   Contact the President


To administer a large association there are inevitably many roles that require to be filled. Obviously principal officers will retire at some stage so new members will need get involved in goodly time to learn the ropes, as it were, prior to replacing the incumbents. Additionally there are a number of roles which do not require such commitment. These can be filled by members who have just an hour or two to spare or who perhaps are not even be in Spain for any length of time. Perhaps you have a good command of English and you enjoy editing. If you are prepared to help in any of these ways there is sure to be something which will suit.  Fresh faces as well as ideas are always welcome.  Why not have a chat and see what might tickle your fancy?     Contact the President

5.        LEAD A WALK

If you enjoy walking and you are a confident person why not lead a walk? You may know specific areas which are not on our list and that would indeed be a bonus but otherwise you could lead one of our many existing walks. It could be a toughie into the hills, a pleasant morning out in the country or a flat walk along the paseo. Our walk organisers are happy to perform the administration of advertising the walk, communicating with participants and presenting a walk leader with a list of attendees. A walk leader would know the route, meet the list of participants at the venue, check the list of participants out and manage the walk. For further information in the first instance      Contact Walks


Perhaps you know of an interesting event taking place in your area or beyond. Perhaps you know a great place to visit. Our events are cultural or just fun. With the support or advice of our Events team, of which you would become part, you could arrange some of our members to get together to enjoy the experience. It might be for 6 people or it might be for 100.  Most of us wish to enjoy some social interaction and such events generally add greatly to the pleasure of life. If you have some ideas and would like to be part of things   Contact Events


We are constantly on the look out for suitable premises to accommodate our activities in Marbella, Coín and Alhaurin el Grande. Such premises could be a small room sufficient for 6 – 10 people. That would be ideal of a discussion group or one which required particular quietness. We also seek premises for larger numbers of people possibly with tables for artistic endeavours or games as well as lecture rooms and more lively activities such as dancing. In particular at this moment we need somewhere to house our Latin American Dancing Class and Mind, Body and Spirit, both in Marbella. Ideally any of these premises would be free or negotiable at minimum cost. Nearby parking would be very helpful. If you know or learn of anything at all that might be suitable please do not hesitate to let us know. Such information would be extremely helpful to our association.    Contact Info


The work of activity leaders and organisers is, as you know, entirely voluntary. These members put in a lot of time and effort on our behalf and maybe sometimes we don’t show them enough appreciation. Of course, they are sharing their interest and as such derive a certain amount of pleasure from that. Nonetheless any assistance we can give would make their lives easier and perhaps make things seem less of a chore. This can be achieved in many ways such as covering a session when the leader is absent, helping to set out the class and clear away ( chairs, tables and other equipment), aiding communication and so on. Ask your leader what you can do. You are in a club within a club and part of a team.



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