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WWW.U3A.INTERNATIONAL is the presence on the internet for U3A International, an association registered in Marbella. Please note that www.u3a.world, www.u3a.es and www.u3a.eu are our mirrored websites and have no connection with any other bodies.   

While you are here please take the opportunity to have a good look around and discover more about what we do.  We hope you will find the experience informative as well as a really easy and enjoyable one whatever device you use.

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is a world-wide non-profit making concept for mature people. Its aim is the promotion of activities for enjoyment and personal fulfilment.   However, while we, at U3A International adhere essentially to the principles of U3A, we remain entirely autonomous focussing on the interests and requirements of English speaking members who live in or visit the South of Spain. We offer a very broad range of courses, activity groups and lectures.  These take place predominantly in the Marbella area on the coast and also in Coin and Alhaurin El Grande inland. Currently there are in excess of 1000 members of many different nationalities. As well as British, Irish and other Europeans (including more than seventy Spanish citizens) we have members who visit from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, USA, Bahamas and many other parts of the world. The association is truly cosmopolitan

Our administrators, activity leaders and lecturers are all volunteers who share their particular interests or expertise with members and who also firmly believe in the special camaraderie of our particular association. Whether our activities and lectures are held on the coast or inland, attendance is open to all members wherever they may be based in Spain or in other parts of the world. This area is generally blessed with wonderful weather which, coupled with incredible scenery, makes it the ideal place for outdoor pursuits such as our extensive walking, cycling and birdwatching activities. Those who attend astronomy and painting activities occasionally venture outside too. A healthy mind in a healthy body is a relevant adage for our organisation.

The association also effectively acts as a catalyst for social interaction. Everyone has the opportunity to meet like-minded people at any of our activities and lectures as well as at other events held throughout the year. The association principally functions between September and May though there are some activities which continue through the summer months. All this is available to members for an incredibly low annual subscription.  New members may discover more about the association and indeed join at any time during the year by attending any coffee morning in the Hapimag in Marbella or the  Bar Dani  in Alhaurin el Grande.

If you are not yet a member more details are available on the MEMBERSHIP PAGE

So whether you click www.u3a.es or www.u3a.world or www.u3a.international you will always be in the right place!

I do hope you find the association of interest and I look forward to seeing you in the flesh, as it were.

Allan Edwards


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