Notes for STEAM

U3A International Lecture Team



*Please Arrive in good time to be seated for the presentation.

*The Hapimag Resort Hotel has provided first class facilities for U3A International for more than 10 years. To demonstrate appreciation for the hotel’s support U3A International members who attend presentations are encouraged to take a coffee or other drink at the front café or from the restaurant/terrace.

*A great deal of work will already have been accomplished prior to the presentation by the organiser and presenters themselves who, after all, are volunteers. It is rather unreasonable that they are also expected to be entirely responsible for setting out the room used for the presentation. Staff at the Hotel have other responsibilities too and, though willing when called upon, are not always available. It would be very helpful, therefore if a few members would consider checking the room a little before the start to offer their assistance, if required. This might involve moving some chairs or maybe folding a table or two.

*Do ensure mobile phones are turned off during a presentation.

*A little help at the end of a presentation would also be welcomed to ensure the room is left in good order.

*Do remove rubbish/cups/glasses and bottles you may have brought to the room.

*It is incumbent upon all members of U3A International who benefit from the excellent facilities of the Hapimag to help make the experience enjoyable for others.


If you or someone you know is able to make a presentation on any topic please initially send an email to p[email protected]

A presenter can be professional or amateur, working or retired. The subject  could be on political, social, historical, scientific, religious, sport, or health matters. It could be related to published works or personal anecdotes of travel or indeed a life lived. Don’t be concerned that it might not be of interest. Let us decide.

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