The U3A International Book Club comprises men and women who normally meet from September to June in the comfortable setting of the meeting room at the Hapimag Hotel where it holds discussions on a diverse range of novels. Members, who also become friends, thoroughly enjoy sharing their insight, varied opinions, and sometimes ignorance, all of which are considered valid, while at the same time learning a lot from each other. This may sound rather serious but there are also lot of laughs and the debates are usually very animated. The meeting is invariably followed by drinks in the bar. At each session, a member of the group introduces the book to be discussed, and he or she is expected to have done some research about the life of the author and the background to the novel. Each participant is required to make only one presentation during the year, on a date arranged for their convenience. No particular academic prowess or skills in presentation are expected.  

The books chosen for the prescribed list result from a group vote on those proposed by members at the end of the previous year. This is an entirely democratic process. While some members are able to attend almost all of the sessions, others do so when they are able; a gathering of around 12 is usual. This activity has been established for about 20 years and some of the original participants continue to attend  alongside those who have joined more recently. There is an assured warm welcome for any member of U3A International who is interested to come along for a taster session, totally without commitment or pressure.


To Contact the Organiser: Mary O'Rafferty

Phone: 603162488

Start Date: November 25, 2021

Day: Thursday

At: 4:30pm Until: 6:30pm

Max Attendees: 18

Frequency: Monthly

No. of Sessions: 18

Location: Sala Marbella in the Hapimag Resort, Camilo Jose Cela, Marbella

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