Each session begins with a News Update covering the most important and interesting current news items in Spain or any outside media report that includes Spain.  The discussion will then open up covering any topic at all relative to Spain, eg: the autonomous communities; the devolution of power from central State; Politics; the Economy; Social issues – crime/policing/ drugs/immigration/terrorism etc; Spain’s response to the pandemic; the future of Spain and Gibraltar and many more.  On a more practical level, dealing with daily life in Spain can be hazardous and the trials and tribulations of campo or pueblo living often present us with amusing and helpful tips which the group can share, discuss and learn from.  On a lighter note, there are so many beautiful and interesting locations in Spain.  It could be a museum or a piece of architecture or a location – but it can be anything worthy of relating to the group.  The intention is to encourage everyone to participate.  

Meetings will be held at the Alhaurin Golf Resort in Alhaurin El Grande from 12 noon until 1.30pm on the last Thursday of each month.

To Contact the Organiser: Christine Kemzura and Lesley Thompson

Phone: 616872235 and 634319827

Start Date: September 28, 2023

Day: Thursday

At: 11:00am Until: 12:30pm

Max Attendees: 30

Frequency: Monthly

Location: Alhaurin Golf Resort, Alhaurin el Grande

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