The cry of all those learning Spanish in this area is the lack of opportunity to SPEAK the language.  This activity attempts to address the issue.  

The main aim of the hour is to give participants an opportunity to chat in groups, over a coffee/drink, in Spanish (no other languages permitted!) in an informal setting. It is open to all levels of Spanish, except real real beginners, for whom it could be intimidating.  There is a weekly topic to afford participants of all levels a new subject for conversation and practice every week.  The topic may include one of the discussion subjects of the week for further conversation practice.  Members can choose whether or not to discuss the given topic for the whole hour, often using it simply to stimulate further opportunities to broaden discussions and add to vocabulary and grammar.

If there are members who are fluent Spanish/native speakers who would be willing to help out in the group they will be warmly welcomed while doing fellow members a great favour!
All members interested in this activity and needing further information can speak with the organiser on Friday mornings or make initial contact via the email button.  

To Contact the Organiser: Anne Walshe

Phone: +353872377133

Start Date: October 2, 2019

Day: Wednesday

At: 6:00pm Until: 7:00pm

Max Attendees: 20

Frequency: Weekly

Location: La Bodeguita, The Hapimag Resort Hotel, Marbella

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