Spot the sandpiper

Sandpiper Walks provide coincidental and easier alternatives to Hill Walks. They take place either along the coast or in the hills adjacent to the coast. Many new sections of paving/boardwalk have been constructed near the beach and that work is continuing. During this series of walks, members have the opportunity to explore these very interesting new sections as well as the more established ones. Details of all the walks can be found on  THE SANDPIPER WALKS LIST

These walks are intended for members who enjoy a good brisk outing, but who would like to “stop and look” occasionally and still be able to catch up with the group. Attendance is only available to members and must be confirmed through the reservation system, during the two weeks before each walk.

Most walks are on established pavements, clay tracks or boardwalks. There may occasionally be connecting sections of beach and some paths may be rocky. There will sometimes be a few hills.

The pace will take account of all participants but in any case will be quicker than a ramble.  The intention is to enable everyone to enjoy the occasion and so a gentle pace is maintained with occasional pauses to keep the group together. Nevertheless, the walk has to be completed in a reasonable time, so the pauses may not be long enough for some. A fair degree of fitness is therefore required and so those wishing to attend should be fully confident of their ability to participate.

Departure from the meeting points is always PROMPT so early arrival is advisable.

To Contact the Organiser: Alistair Fleming

Phone: 628 156657

Start Date: September 25, 2023

Day: Monday

At: 10:30am Until: 1:00pm

Max Attendees: 40

Frequency: Fortnightly

Location: Rendezvous Point by pre-arrangement

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